Thursday, June 09, 2005

Stories of the Day: 6/9/05

For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report Show #40

The Blog Herald: Bloglines Tracks Half a Billion Blog Articles
"...each day Bloglines adds 2 million to 2.7 million new blog and news feed articles to the database, drawn from a diverse range of sources in many languages."

Corporate Engagement: Over 100 official corporate blogs
"An article from the Canadian Press (CP) reports that there are now over 100 official corporate blogs and this number is growing."

Desirable Roasted Coffee: Warren Bickford Asks for Insight on the Top 5 Communication Trends
"Warren Bickford, bartender at the IABC Café wants to know what 10 communications trends we face."

Media Insider: One Blogger's Thoughts on the Evolution of Press Releases
"When John Cass of Backbone Media visited PR Newswire's Boston bureau recently, he came away with two blog postings."

MediaDailyNews: Invertising: The Future of Advertising When Consumers Control the Media
"Contrary to popular wisdom, consumers do not hate advertising per se."

MicroPersuasion: Blogs Don't Need Opinion (Oops, That is One!)
"Good blogs don't need to have opinions to become well read. They do need links; it's their air supply."

MicroPersuasion: Wired Tries to Adapt to the Blog Age
"All I can say is, thank God Wired has a progressive editor. What about the countless other media brands that face huge challenges and may not even see them clearly."

MicroPersuasion: My Prediction: Publishers Will Launch Premium RSS Feeds
" I think publishers should make the full text of their complete print and online content available as RSS feeds to paying subscribers."

Nevon: The days are numbered for 'gatekeeper' journalism
"I think it's just a matter of time before a truly mega news event makes massive headlines, either in one country or globally, because of a disclosure by a blogger."

Online Journalism Review: When Web print stories disappear, the meaning of 'archives' fades
"When an editor pulls stories due to reader complaints or fears of spreading teen suicides or helping the competition, is the site still the record of the newspaper? Ethicists and editors decry the practice."

Online Public Relations Thoughts: The Limits of Metrics
"How does one measure word of mouth accurately? You don't, at least not yet..."

Pomo Blog: Waiting to be rescued is the wrong place to be
"Diane Mermigas continues to sound the trumpet in such a way that broadcasters need to be paying attention."

PR Opinions: Off (PR) topic: The final word on full or partial RSS feeds...
"OK, enough already with the navel gazing on whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of full or partial RSS feeds."

PR Opinions: How can PR measure up?
"No single topic causes as much fear, panic and argument among the PR profession as measurement."