Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Stories of the Day: 6/7/05

Washington Post (via Andrew Lark) : Corporatings Entering World of Blogs
"A growing number of companies are stepping softly into the blogosphere, following a path blazed by Microsoft Corp., Sun Microsystems Inc. and others in the technology field."

Beyond PR: Young web users turn up the heat on MSM
"It is an interesting era where the success of self-published news is driven by an increased distrust in established media.."

Blog Herald: Blogs Can Boost Your Career
"Blogs can boost your career by demonstrating your knowledge of a chosen industry, according to a report from AP."

Jeremy Pepper: Building Rock Star PR Teams
"One of the most interesting things that I encounter in public relations is team building. Not the touchy-feely stuff that you go on goofy retreats for, the team camaraderie building stuff, but on how you build a great team."

Corporate Engagement: Employee engagement study
"A new study from Northwestern university has confirmed the links between employee engagement and financial performance."

Corporate Engagement: What's lies ahead for PR?
"Ronald C Hanser, president of Pinnacle Worldwide, reports on a survey of future PR trends conducted amongst principals of Pinnacle public relations firms worldwide."

MediaPost: Experts: Branded Content Must Resonate, Avoid Being Gratuitous
"Branded entertainment is hot, but in order to be successful, programs need to have an emotional resonance with their target audiences and offer non-gratuitous experiences and interactions."

CyberJournalist: Waldman to Publishers: RSS, or Possibly Perish
"Simon Waldman of the Guardian offers a sober overview of RSS and news aggregators..."

Online Public Relations Thoughts: Agnosticism
"What would PR be like if we objectively recommended the medium that best fits any target audience, whether or not we got to do the work?"

Strategic Public Relations: Blog Elevator Speech
"We need to position blogs correctly, now more than ever, as businesses realize their potential."