Friday, June 03, 2005

Stories of the Day: 6/3/05

Business Week (via my brother-in-law): 2005 Guide to Podcasts
"Right now it's a lot easier to listen than it is to send your own audio programs into cyberspace."

For Immediate Release: Show #38

WebProNews: Blogs Away: Why Blogs Are Important To Market Strategy
"When blue chip behemoths begin to recognize the power of the blog, those who were barely aware of its existence begin to sit up and take notice."

Desirable Roasted Coffee: How to Use Comments to Win Friends and Influence People (in 10 Easy Lessons)
"I find it distressing, but instructive, to realize my blogging peer group -- the people who write about professional communication and technology -- can be divided into two groups."

The Long Tail: Trolling
"Six reasons why I prefer good blogs to most traditional journalism in the niche domains where my interests are greatest:"

Nevon: EPIC update 2015
"Is this a vision of the very near future?"

Nevon: Where to get your podcast listed
"If you're a podcaster, you'll know about some of the places to get your show listed."