Friday, June 03, 2005

Stories of the Day: 6/3/05 - Part 2

PR Machine: Podcast: Blogs and Brands
"Are they a fad, or an important trend? Are they a bane or a boon to marketers?"

Podcasting News: NPR: Papers Turn to Podcasting
"NPR is reporting that newspapers are "desperate to reach a more mobile audience", and that they are turning to podcasting."

PaidContent: Podcast Roundup: Rush Gets Into The Act And More
Title says it all.

Nevon: MSM: 'Bloggers are here to stay'
"In his column, Naughton argues that "Blogging won't wipe out journalism, for the simple reason that journalism requires skills and resources that bloggers will never have."

MediaWeek: Infinity To Podcast 9 News Stations
"Infinity moves even deeper into the fledgling medium by announcing it will offer free daily podcasts from its nine news stations, with flagship WINS (1010 Wins) New York set to lead the way in July."