Thursday, June 02, 2005

Stories of the Day: 6/2/05

Shel Holtz: How to undermine your own PR efforts
"Recent statements by US President George W. Bush and some of his top staff members makes you wonder if they’re getting or ignoring advice from people who understand the principles of public relations."

Corporate Engagement: Volvo sponsored podcast downloaded 20,000 times in 4 months
"Volvo paid Weblogs Inc. $60,000 to sponsor the Web log and podcast for six months, BusinessWeek Online reported."

CyberJournalist: What drives users online?
"The Online Publishers Association and the Media Management Center at Northwestern University identified 22 experiences that "describe and define of how people interact with and relate to digital media..."

OJR: Companies subvert search results to squelch criticism
"It's not illegal, but it's SEO gone bad. Companies such as Quixtar are using Google-bombing, link farms and Web spam pages to place positive sites in the top search results -- which pushes the negative ones down."

Lubetkin's Other Blog: Posting only selected comments hurts blogs
"Most commentators in the blogosphere have railed against sanitized blogs as being inauthentic. It's my turn to join that chorus."

Online Public Relations Thoughts: Another Positive Development for PR
"The idea of citizen journalists is a positive for PR practitioners because it will give more entree into the news media."

Wet Feet PR: Pitching a profitable company
"It seemed like a good idea at first, but as we started exploring the consequences I changed my mind."