Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm doing the iPod dance right now...

Actually, no I'm not? Want to know why?

First a brief digression: I just got my iPod (60GB) about 2 1/2 weeks ago and absolutely love it. Almost all my free time at home now includes ripping CSs to iTunes for eventual transfer. I bring it to work and listen to it there. I'm listening to albums I own but haven't heard in years because moving CDs from home to work to listen to is just too clunky a process.

Last night the first thing I did when I fired up the computer was download and install iTunes 4.9 since I was excited about the support for podcasts. Immediately after installation I subscribed to For Immediate Release and downloaded the show. After ripping a dozen more CDs I plugged in my iPod as I was about to hit the sack to let it sync with iTunes overnight.

Imagine my frustration when I woke up this morning, came down to grab the iPod and saw ABSOLUTELY NO MUSIC ON THE THING!!!! I plugged it in again and iTunes quickly told me that my iPod was updated and I could unplug it. There should have been 16GB of music and podcasts on there. But there wasn't. Want to know why?

I didn't think that since this was new iTunes software I might have to also download and install a new version of iPod Updater. This didn't occur to me until I was walking to work, but it also does not appear on the Apple website. Shouldn't this be included in the software and not a seperate component that people can overlook and forget? I'm not saying it wasn't dumb of me not to think about this when I was doing it but some sort of note should be on the site at the very least alerting people they should do this immediately after downloading the new iTunes software.

Did this happen to anyone else?

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