Friday, May 06, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/6/05

Been a while so this is going to be a long one.

MediaPost: Factiva Adds RSS Feeds
"The service, called "Enterprise RSS," is available through NewsGator's RSS product, and will be made available to Factiva subscribers on May 19."

Forbes: Podcasting: Making Waves
"Just when we grasped what blogging was all about, along came podcasting, which in some ways is even more disruptive and exciting than blogging."

WebProNews: Blogs Now Part of the Marketing Strategy
"And to truly connect to the important influencers you have to open up. For real. "

WebProNews: Blog Talk: News Embargoes Are More Important Than Ever
"...exclusives and embargoes are even more valuable currency nowadays. That's because of the competitive pressures journalists are feeling from the blogopshere."

WebProNews: Content Blogs Versus Syndicate Blogs?
"It is a good question that is well worth thinking through for each of your blogs."

PaidContent: More Reg Woes For NY Post
"The NY Daily News reports that rival NY Post reversed efforts to collect "a mother lode of highly personal information, including name, age, home address, home telephone number and even income""

MarketingVox: Study: Email Should Target Consumer Behavior
"Jupiter's "Promotional Email: Driving Sales Through Behavioral Targeting" suggests that factors such as pages viewed, time spent per page, and shopping cart abandonment be used."

Rocky Mountain News (Via NewMediaMusings): Journalism exists in the message, not the medium
"You'd think journalists would recognize journalism no matter who is doing it and in what media, but that's by no means a universal reaction."

Nevon: Integrating blogs with PR and marketing
"And there you have the key - the blogs form an integral part of an overall communication strategy."

Andrew Lark: What Is The Blogosphere?
"Steve Rubel and I have never met in person but we exchange views via our blogs and trackbacks. "

Online Marketing Blog: Business Blog Marketing
"Not only are small businesses considering blogs in their marketing strategy, but BtoB publishers are pondering it over at American Business Media's Spring Meeting."

BtoB: As digital dollars grow, b-to-b publishers debate impact of blogs
"The "blogosphere" throws all sorts of old patterns into disarray..."

The Blog Herald: Is RSS advertising for you?
"RSS advertising, particularly if done wrong has the ability to stifle RSS use. However, the provision of full RSS feeds does not make economic sense by those seeking to make a living from the creation of content."

AdJab: CastFire launches advertising platform for podcasts
"It was only a matter of time before someone tried to grab hold of the advertising possibilities therein."

NPR: When Those Pesky Blogs Undermine NPR News
"...the blogosphere has proven once again to be an amoral place with few rules. The consequences for misbehavior are still vague. The possibility of civic responsibility remains remote."

Related: Jeff Jarvis says, "NPR screwed up but when that's discovered it's the bloggers who are amoral?"