Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/31/05

Shel Holtz: Blacklisting blogs
"Spam is a problem, to be sure. It’s one of the reasons RSS is growing some popular."

Shel Holtz: Blogs and insider trading
"Don’t dismiss press releases just yet. Blogs are great, but they can’t do everything."

The Blog Herald: French media companies launch RSS reader
"15 leading French media companies have united to launch a co-branded RSS reader."

The Blog Herald: Bloglines to take on My Yahoo, email next?
"Bloglines is aiming to challenge My Yahoo! 'as the homepage of the 21st century.'"

WebProNews: Arguments For Getting Rid of Blog Comments
"..rather than have the conversation on your own blog - not allowing comments forces people to take it to theirs with links back to you."

CyberJournalist: Online news story life short
"A team of U.S. and Hungarian scientists say the majority of online news stories have a lifetime of just 36 hours."

The Flack: A Tale of Two Cities
"So what is good PR: the ability to command and control the message? Or a fresh openness and honesty that embraces those whose lives your decisions affect?"

The Long Tail: Being a cliché is a *good* thing, right?
"By letting Long Tail producers plug into Long Tail content aggregators, these brokers help populate the tail..."

Always-On (Via MicroPersuasion): Why smart companies don't use corporate weblogs
"Weblog publishing is blind to the values and intentions of those very viewers it serves."

PR. Differently: My Prediction
"The second half of 2007 is when we will witness the death of the first "big" newspaper from the convergence of blogs, podcasts, and the like."

Nevon: Boeing takes second step with 777 blog
"Aircraft maker Boeing launched a new blog ten days ago - Flight Test Journal..."

Online Marketing Blog: Press Release RSS Feeds
"Steve Rubel notes that Google now offers a atom format feed of its press releases."

PaidContent: Google Print Goes Live
"Google had begun working with University of Michigan, Harvard, Stanford and Oxford Universities, and the New York City Public Library to digitize public-domain books in their collections."

Podcasting News: JupiterResearch Announces Analyst Podcast
"JupiterResearch has announced a new podcasting service called JupiterResearch Conversations."

Podcasting News: Radio Use Plummeting Among Young MP3 Player Owners
"In the critical 12-18 group, though, the time spent with radio dropped precipitously for the length of the study."

PR Opinions: Blogs and press rooms...
"The main reason for moving to a blog was that we didn't already use a content management system and as a result any press releases, events, awards etc. had to be posted manually."

Strategic Public Relations: Hungry for the Web? Dig into RSS.
"Once I can explain this to my four-year-old I will have THE definition."

View From the Isle: Blogging won't wipe out journalism
"...journalists and bloggers can--and should--work together; help each other improve both crafts."

View From the Isle: Blog you must for your business!
"I thought I'd do business blogging by Yoda."

View From the Isle: Why MSN Spaces and Yahoo360! won't dominate the blogosphere
"Many would fear that MSN and Yahoo will swamp the blogosphere and the likes of Six Apart will be forced out or--worse--assimilated."