Friday, May 27, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/27/05

WebProNews: Microsoft Blogger Claims Netscape Breaks IE
"The recommended workaround had conspiracy theorists and Microsoft foes buzzing with excitement: uninstall Netscape 8."

WebProNews: O-de-o, oh oh. Odeo To Simplify Podcasting
"While the real future of podcasting is unknown, it is taking off exponentially faster than blogging did in its beginnings."

CyberJournalist: To charge or not to charge
"The Washington Post looks at the ongoing free-vs.-pay debate online."

Poynter: Investigative blogging
"Bloggers often get tarred with the same feathers. They don't report anything new, the criticism goes, they just riff on what other people have done. And while that's true for many blogs, there clearly is plenty of original journalism being done by bloggers as well."

Online Journalism Review: introduces blogs, with more changes on the way
"Sporting an airy new look and free access to previously walled-off CalendarLive, stands poised to offer original and user-generated content.."

View From the Isle: Moving blogs beyond the hype
"But what about the hype-o-meter? Isn't it starting to edge into the yellow, maybe even the red, zone as far as blogs are concerned? Yep, it is."

For Immediate Release: Show #36