Thursday, May 26, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/26/05

The Blog Herald: 30% of Americans have read a blog: poll"The poll, which sought out the opinions of 2,537 American adults, a half decent sample unlike those from Pew Internet, also found that among those who regularly read blogs, 38 per cent said they visited blogs at least once a week."

CyberJournalist: Students blog after high school shuts paper
"After a Georgia high school eliminated its student newspaper and journalism class because the paper highlighted negative stories, the student staff responded by posting their opinions and copies of the newspaper on a blog, Speaking Underground."

JaffeJuice: Churchnstate ala Frankenstein
"Church and State are no more. Editorial and Sales are truly one and the same, are they not?"

MicroPersuasion: Behind the Blogosphere Numbers
"The fact that the media keep debating these numbers and citing blogs shows they are important."