Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/25/05

Shel Holtz: NPR covers employee blogging
"So far, I haven’t heard much new, but hearing people talk about the issues provides a somewhat different perspective than reading about it."

CyberJournalist: Crosbie: Unmoderated online discussions naturally degrade
"Consultant Vin Crosbie says what happened at, which had to disable comments on stories because they became abusive, wasn't surprising..."

LostRemote: NBC to launch podcasts later this month
"Now NBC News announced it will offer hourly podcast updates later this month."

MicroPersuasion: Blogs are Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary
"Consumer generated media will become part of the fabric of the entire media landscape."

Online Journalism Review: Future of magazines: Net could empower readers
"While the "print is dead" meme has been hashed out countless times in the media world since the advent of the Net, few experts would predict that print magazines will become dinosaurs anytime soon."

Online Marketing Blog: Does your business really need a blog?
"The back and forth between blog pundits and critics reminds me of all the noise people used to make in the mid nineties about web sites. There were as many critics on the need for a web site then as there are about blogs now."