Monday, May 23, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/23/05

Blog Business World: Whole business marketing: Reinvention of the process
"Little if any consideration is given to the front line people carrying out these wonderful plans."

Newsweek: The Future of Television (by Conan O'Brien)
"Super-TiVos will arrange marriages between like-minded viewers and will persuade mismatched couples to throw in the towel and start seeing other people."

Lost Remote: to launch a podcast
"The network will be the first major news media organization to offer a podcast."

MicroPersuasion: Google May Turn Home Page Into RSS Reader

MicroPersuasion: Clips vs. Bits
"Young PR jedi knight Blake Barbera is asking what agency clients prefer - a print hit or a blog hit? It's a darn tootin' good question."

Nevon: A business model for podcasting
"And it doesn't really matter if you have 10 listeners or 1,000 - the barriers to entry are so low that it's feasible to do no matter how many or how few listeners you have."

New York Times (via NewMediaMusings): Believe It: The Media's Credibility Headache Gets Worse
"Almost like clockwork, each new month seems to usher in a new controversy over journalistic competence or integrity"

PodcastingNews: BBC Says Podcasting Could be a Revolution
"According to technology analyst Bill Thompson, 'It is easy to claim the revolution is just around the corner, but there might just be something in podcasting.'"

View From the Isle: Interesting take on the value proposition of the professional blogger
"A ProBlogger, though, will make sure that you have new content each and every week."