Monday, May 02, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/2/05

Contentious: Journalism’s Blind Spot
"As a journalist with many MSM colleagues and connections, and as a blogger, it seems to me that many MSM professionals have an odd blind spot when it comes to blogs."

PaidContent: NYT: Curry Brings Podcasting To Sirius
"Curry will draw material for "Adam Curry's PodShow" from other podcasters; the show will air on "Talk Central" and will include advertising."

The Media Drop: Chicago Tribune makes entertainment a priority
"The Chicago Tribune is looking to keep its readers "in the know" about lifestyle and entertainment events with new sections appearing Thursday and Friday along with a daily Metromix Planner feature. "

Corporate Engagement: The decline of newspapers
"There is much being written at the moment about the decline of newspaper readership, particularly since the emergence of blogs as a legitimate force in reporting, shaping public opinion and affecting outcomes."

Boston Globe (via LostRemote): Online ads moving beyond pop-ups
"Consumers are spending more time on the Internet -- hours that tend to be stolen from television -- and they're increasingly connected at high speed. "

LostRemote: Drudge: MSNBC to become 'NBC News Channel'
"How important is it for an on-air brand to match its off-air counterpart?"

MicroPersuasion: Disneyland is Podcasting

AFP (via Micropersuasion): Traditional media eagerly eying blogs to boost revenues, profile
"With daily newspaper circulation in decline, the highly critical and at-times irreverent world of the personal online journal with its potential to attract millions of readers is looking more and more attractive."

Online Marketing Blog: Internet news readership grows at expense of TV, print
"There's a huge opportunity within News Search. In my experience most public relations firms are not incorporating Internet News Search into their clients PR and media relations programs."

AdJab: Magazines, newspapers want to stay ad-relevant
"The basic idea behind these efforts is to promote those media as viable opportunities for companies who are beginning to put more and more dollars into online-only ventures."

BtoB: Thinking out loud about blogs
"But will blogs-or Web logs, for the uninitiated-fundamentally, radically change business communications?"