Friday, May 20, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/20/05

Beyond PR: Hill & Knowlton releases blogging guidelines
"In connection with any blogging, please be mindful of the following:"

Blog Business World: Bloggers as event speakers
"Bloggers have a powerful inner knowledge of the workings of blogs. That is only logical. What we bloggers often tend to forget is not everyone knows as much about blogs and blogging as we do."

The Blog Herald: Microsoft experimenting with DIY blogging
"Microsoft has released an updated suite of tools for hosting providers that provides a Microsoft approved blogging platform."

The Blog Herald: Its time to boycott Pew Internet
"What I won’t accept is that any sort of serious findings can be made by only looking at 40 blogs."

RSS Weblog: Steve Ballmer Q&A: RSS not huge, but important Next MS office to have blogging tools
"We believe RSS is important and will be around for a while but it is not going to change the world."

Lost Remote: Google moves to challenge web portals
"Google is launching a new personalization feature called "Fusion" that allows users to customize their Google home page."

View From the Isle: Finally people are getting the power of RSS
"Here's the gist, large companies are finally realizing that RSS isn't blogs and blogs aren't RSS."

Wet Feet PR: Print hit vs. Blog hit
"I have been struggling to find the ‘right’ answer to this question because there are different circumstances for each hit, but I believe a client would prefer a print hit to a blog hit, basically because of the control issues of blog coverage."