Thursday, May 19, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/19/05

OK, so this is turning out to be "Stories of the Every Other Day" but I'm trying.


Shel Holtz: The CEO's job
"Imagine a CEO who rejected the telephone as a means of talking with investors just because it was new and different!"

Shel Holtz: Internal uses of blogs
"As is always the case, this new medium will be additive. The best companies will apply them where they improve communication."

AdFreak: Jeff Zucker vs. a full-page CBS ad
"CBS got some added value with its full-page ad in Monday’s business section of The New York Times—at NBC’s expense."

Adrants: RSS For Mobile Phones Introduced
"Further insuring the cell phone's position is the center of the universe, FreeRange Communications today introduced FreeNews, an RSS news and weblog reader for mobile devices, phones and PDAs."

Andrew Lark: Pitching Bloggers...
"My simple rule is don't waste your time unless it is carefully tailored to what we write about and you genuinely think we might be interested."

The Blog Herald: Bloglines to launch new blog search engine
"...Bloglines will lead users to the relevant blogs, and then help them organize all the feeds pouring onto their desktop and has a go at the existing sites..."

The Blog Herald: Google News takes in more blogs
"...either Google has lost the plot or its playing favourites with blogs and bloggers..."

WebProNews: Blog Coaching - A Holistic Approach
"Blogs are one solution for some businesses - they are definitely suitable for many businesses needs - however I try to encourage potential clients to really identify their current needs and goals before making any sort of recommendation."

WebProNews: The Wiki Backlash
"Any medium-whether it's a traditional channel like print or a new one like blogs and wikis-is a tool, a tactic."

Corporate Engagement: Rosen doesn't understand public relations
"Sure PR suffers from its share of unethical practitioners but so does every occupation, and its stupid to characterise us all on the basis of the crimes of the worst performers."

MarketingVox: to Give Away Content to Bloggers
"The move has generated momentum, and now WSJ will be trying a targeted approach, by offering specific content areas to bloggers who are interested in various categories of content."

Media Insider: Highlights from PR Newswire/Chicago Headline Club Media Education Series
Just read the whole thing.

Media Relations Blog: Subliminal Advertising
"If ever there was an example of subliminal advertising, this is it."

MicroPersuasion: In Bloggers We Trust
"People now put the same degree of trust in me (and other reputable bloggers) that they might normally only reserve for analysts and journalists."

Nevon: RSS as the self-contained information experience
"RSS aggregation means that you capture content from a wide range of different online resources (blogs or traditional websites) into your preferred RSS reader which, in effect, becomes your web browser and your single view on that aggregated information."

NewMediaMusings: Roundup of Syndicate conference
"..there are other interesting things happening here at IDG's Syndicate conference that are worth highlighting.."

NewMediaMusings: Blogosphere blows a gasket over the NY Times
"At Projo, Sheila Lennon has a good roundup of the blogosphere blowing a fuse over the New York Times' decision to put its columnists behind a pay firewall come September."

GapingVoid: Why Corporate Blogging Works
"The other day somebody asked me to explain why corporate blogging works. So I drew the diagram above."

PR Communications: Crisis Communications and Story Package Websites
"To respond quickly to a developing story opportunity or a crisis communication incident, first you have to know the event is happening, second you have to have the resources and plans in place to be able to respond to those incidents."

PR Opinions: 2005 PR Opinions Survey Results Released
"The second annual PR Opinions survey report is now live."

Adam Curry: oracle is podcasting
Title says it all.