Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Stories Of The Day 5/17/05

The Blog Herald: Blogs Political Influence Questioned: guess how big the Pew sample was?
"No, not 10,000….1,000 wouldn’t be close either. 100? close but not cigar."

KDPaine: This is not the end, its the beginning
"Measurement is about to get a lot more accurate. And despite On The Media's "End of the world as we know it" advanced blurbs for their show on the topic, I would argue that "It's not the end, its the beginning" to quote a line from Pat Donohue's song."

Media Relations Blog: What Happened to..."The Customer Is Always Right"?
"Many companies use their excellent customer service as a unique selling point. However, I am personally finding that the statement "the customer is always right" is quickly becoming extinct."

MicroPersuasion: Rush Limbaugh to Podcast
"Subscribers to Rush Limbaugh’s “Rush 24/7” service will soon be able to download his daily shows to a portable MP3 player."

Online Marketing Blog: MSN revives RSS aggregator and bookmarking tools
"The urls have been dead for a while but are now back online."

Online Public Relations Thoughts: PR Problem
"Before we get too excited and go on about the wonders of blogs, we should remember that every medium has two sides -- one for good and one for ill. Both develop at roughly the same pace."

PaidContent: Tribune Brings Free Classifieds to 12 Markets
"Tribune last week expanded its Los Angeles-based free classifieds provider Recycler.com into six cities where it owns local TV stations."

MicroPersuasion: Newspapers as Conversation
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