Monday, May 16, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/16/05

Adam Curry: Forrester report on podcasting
"Forrester Research Defines The Future Of Digital Audio."

Andrew Lark: International Blogging Machines...
"One of the key things I advise companies to consider as they look at blogging is how their company's behavioral norms will manifest themselves in the blogosphere."

Blog Business World: Blogs:Theme relevant content and links
"Blogs are becoming an important component in many business owners’ toolboxes for marketing, public relations, and search engine optimization."

BlogHerald: Winer and Curry fall out
"It appears that Winer has taken deep offence to an interview Curry gave to Wired in which he took much of the credit for the creation of Podcasting."

WebProNews: Getting More From Your RSS Feed
"If you want to read what 20 different bloggers or websites write about, you could go and visit each of those blogs or websites. So that's 20 different places to visit. Or, you could sign up to get each of these RSS feeds and automatically receive what they write, every time they publish something, in your RSS reader."

WebProNews: No RSS Feed? It's a Genetic Marker For "Lame Site"
"So, marketers, if you are being compensated for building lame sites, keep on building sites without RSS feeds."

Corporate Engagement: General Electric uses podcasting for results announcement
"GE is another company to add podcasting to its pr mix."

Crossroad Dispatches: Align This: Reversing the Company-Centric Blog Trend
"Call me jaded, but mostly it's the Internal Conversation trying damn hard to influence (ahem, "align") the External Conversation that I'm witnessing in business blogs."

LostRemote: 'Today Show' launches a blog
"Now has launched a Today Show blog called "Your Window on Our World" with posts from Matt Lauer and Al Roker."

MicroPersuasion: Circuit City Blogs E3
"Unfortunately, it's not a true blog because it lacks certain structures."

Washington Post (Via MicroPersuasion): Feed Simple
"After discovering that the little orange buttons labeled with the cryptic message "XML" wouldn't provide a one-click solution, I realized I couldn't surf through this without reading the instructions."

Nevon: Play Blogpoly
You just have to check this out.

PaidContent: How Not To Program A Radio Station With Podcasting
"Infinity station KYOU in San Francisco launched its podcast format at 6 a.m. today with 445 shows in the bank and a proces that almost dares people to listen."

MarketingVox: Pew: Blogs Weren't as Influential as Some Supposed
"A new Pew study done together with BuzzMetrics failed to find inordinate agenda influence by bloggers in the 2004 presidential campaign."