Friday, May 13, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/13/05

Wired: Put Smut in Its Place
"(Reavill) objects strenuously to having smut flung in our faces when we're not looking for it, not consenting to it or not old enough to understand it."

WebProNews: Let the Blog Bashing Begin
"OK, so all eMarketer really did here is regurgitate a lot of existing numbers that are already out there and confirm that there is a lot of fear in corporate America. Wow, what insight."

WebProNews: Podcasting: Adding the human and informal touch
"So what, exactly, is it, and what's its relevance to organizational communication?"

TheMediaDrop: WSJ adds RSS for free content
"The Wall Street Journal announced today that an RSS feed for 30 days worth of their free content was now available."

AdRants: Durex Condoms Makes Podcast Buy
"The deal with the PodcastAlley number 2 ranked podcast involves "unscripted X-rated banter" as reported by Ad Age."

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