Thursday, May 12, 2005

Stories of the Day 5/12/05

WebProNews: GM Blog Continues To Push The Envelope
"Yet another example of how GM is really pushing the envelope with this blog. It confirms my view that GM is indeed the poster child for corporate blogging."

WebProNews: Blog Talk: Conversation Does NOT Need Comments
"My point is that the basis of conversation is linking. Links are the primary tool for us to talk."

WebProNews: Wikipedia Is The Second Most Popular Reference Site
Title says it all.

WebProNews: Corporate Blogs -- Instrument For Conversation Alignment
"If there's anything missing it is the fact that there are other types of corporate blogs that works as well, blogs that not are primarily written to strengthen or "align" conversations."

CyberJournalist: Online newspaper readership rising
"The data, which takes into account both home and work Internet usage, shows a 3.1 percent increase in unique audience in March to Newspaper Web sites, compared with the same period a year ago."

Creating Passionate Users: They Want to Believe
"If users want to believe in something more... something bigger, what are you doing to support that?"

MediaPost: 'NewsHour' Makes News, Licenses TV Clips For Online Video Search
"...a major producer of public TV news programming has agreed to license its clips for use on an emerging online video search platform."

MarketingVox: imc2 Rushes into RSS with Dispatch
"The agency is apparently betting that consumers will broadly adopt RSS as an alternative to email subscriptions, and marketers will therefore use the technology to reach them."

MediaDrop: The Deal's new Tech Confidential
" It's a bi-monthly publication, and will feature tech-specific content, Deal-style."

NewMediaMusings: The ins and outs of podcasting
"There's a brief mention in the article about the $500 in annual licensing fees paid to ASCAP and BMI by podcasters who play music on their shows. "

NewMediaMusings: Bloggers as 'TV ass clowns'
"See Why Blogs Make Bad TV."

PR Opinions: Hell hath no fury like a PR agency scorned....
"My advice to everyone is to think long and hard about what you are trying to achieve with Public Relations."

PR Machine: PR & Mass-Media's Meltdown
"Should PR folks listen to what the Podhoretz says and change the way they are approaching the media?"

LostRemote: Paris disses bloggers, reporters
"I don't like people who sit on computers all day long and write about people they don't know anything about."

LostRemote: 50 years old? You're too old for TV
"For TV marketers, the 18-49 demographic is all that matters."

AdRants: LA Times Website Redesigns, Still No RSS
"Granted, everyone doesn't consume media through an RSS reader but the ones that do are the ones that can dramatically influence traffic, hence, salable page views for the paper."

Center For Media Research: Online Ad Budgets Stolen from Traditional
"According to a new five-year forecast from Forrester Research, online marketing and advertising will represent 8 percent of total advertising spending in 2010, rivaling ad spending on cable/satellite TV and radio."

Jupiter: One Third of Online Young Adults Prefer Internet for News
"Currently, over 26% of online adults prefer the Internet for national and international news, compared to 19% in 2001."