Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/31/05 - Part 2

Shel Holtz: Hired for blogging
"that a “small but growing” number of businesses are hiring writers specifically to author corporate blogs."

Lost Remote: Do podcasts make sense for TV stations?
"Local TV stations that produce audio podcasts before producing web-exclusive video are missing the boat, in my opinion."

The MediaDrop: Bye bye, bigtime column inches
"The adoption of tabloid format is one that would make most newspaper editors cringe - and not just because of the change in column inches, either."

TVNewser: "Squawk Blog" Connects Viewers & Talent
"All the hosts ave blogged -- and talked it up on the TV show afterwards.."

MicroPersuasion: TV Guide is Podcasting
"TV Guide has launched a weekly podcast on TV shows, movies and celebrities."

ForImmediateRelease: Show #37

Stories of the Day: 5/31/05

Shel Holtz: Blacklisting blogs
"Spam is a problem, to be sure. It’s one of the reasons RSS is growing some popular."

Shel Holtz: Blogs and insider trading
"Don’t dismiss press releases just yet. Blogs are great, but they can’t do everything."

The Blog Herald: French media companies launch RSS reader
"15 leading French media companies have united to launch a co-branded RSS reader."

The Blog Herald: Bloglines to take on My Yahoo, email next?
"Bloglines is aiming to challenge My Yahoo! 'as the homepage of the 21st century.'"

WebProNews: Arguments For Getting Rid of Blog Comments
"..rather than have the conversation on your own blog - not allowing comments forces people to take it to theirs with links back to you."

CyberJournalist: Online news story life short
"A team of U.S. and Hungarian scientists say the majority of online news stories have a lifetime of just 36 hours."

The Flack: A Tale of Two Cities
"So what is good PR: the ability to command and control the message? Or a fresh openness and honesty that embraces those whose lives your decisions affect?"

The Long Tail: Being a cliché is a *good* thing, right?
"By letting Long Tail producers plug into Long Tail content aggregators, these brokers help populate the tail..."

Always-On (Via MicroPersuasion): Why smart companies don't use corporate weblogs
"Weblog publishing is blind to the values and intentions of those very viewers it serves."

PR. Differently: My Prediction
"The second half of 2007 is when we will witness the death of the first "big" newspaper from the convergence of blogs, podcasts, and the like."

Nevon: Boeing takes second step with 777 blog
"Aircraft maker Boeing launched a new blog ten days ago - Flight Test Journal..."

Online Marketing Blog: Press Release RSS Feeds
"Steve Rubel notes that Google now offers a atom format feed of its press releases."

PaidContent: Google Print Goes Live
"Google had begun working with University of Michigan, Harvard, Stanford and Oxford Universities, and the New York City Public Library to digitize public-domain books in their collections."

Podcasting News: JupiterResearch Announces Analyst Podcast
"JupiterResearch has announced a new podcasting service called JupiterResearch Conversations."

Podcasting News: Radio Use Plummeting Among Young MP3 Player Owners
"In the critical 12-18 group, though, the time spent with radio dropped precipitously for the length of the study."

PR Opinions: Blogs and press rooms...
"The main reason for moving to a blog was that we didn't already use a content management system and as a result any press releases, events, awards etc. had to be posted manually."

Strategic Public Relations: Hungry for the Web? Dig into RSS.
"Once I can explain this to my four-year-old I will have THE definition."

View From the Isle: Blogging won't wipe out journalism
"...journalists and bloggers can--and should--work together; help each other improve both crafts."

View From the Isle: Blog you must for your business!
"I thought I'd do business blogging by Yoda."

View From the Isle: Why MSN Spaces and Yahoo360! won't dominate the blogosphere
"Many would fear that MSN and Yahoo will swamp the blogosphere and the likes of Six Apart will be forced out or--worse--assimilated."

Friday, May 27, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/27/05

WebProNews: Microsoft Blogger Claims Netscape Breaks IE
"The recommended workaround had conspiracy theorists and Microsoft foes buzzing with excitement: uninstall Netscape 8."

WebProNews: O-de-o, oh oh. Odeo To Simplify Podcasting
"While the real future of podcasting is unknown, it is taking off exponentially faster than blogging did in its beginnings."

CyberJournalist: To charge or not to charge
"The Washington Post looks at the ongoing free-vs.-pay debate online."

Poynter: Investigative blogging
"Bloggers often get tarred with the same feathers. They don't report anything new, the criticism goes, they just riff on what other people have done. And while that's true for many blogs, there clearly is plenty of original journalism being done by bloggers as well."

Online Journalism Review: Latimes.com introduces blogs, with more changes on the way
"Sporting an airy new look and free access to previously walled-off CalendarLive, Latimes.com stands poised to offer original and user-generated content.."

View From the Isle: Moving blogs beyond the hype
"But what about the hype-o-meter? Isn't it starting to edge into the yellow, maybe even the red, zone as far as blogs are concerned? Yep, it is."

For Immediate Release: Show #36

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/26/05

The Blog Herald: 30% of Americans have read a blog: poll"The poll, which sought out the opinions of 2,537 American adults, a half decent sample unlike those from Pew Internet, also found that among those who regularly read blogs, 38 per cent said they visited blogs at least once a week."

CyberJournalist: Students blog after high school shuts paper
"After a Georgia high school eliminated its student newspaper and journalism class because the paper highlighted negative stories, the student staff responded by posting their opinions and copies of the newspaper on a blog, Speaking Underground."

JaffeJuice: Churchnstate ala Frankenstein
"Church and State are no more. Editorial and Sales are truly one and the same, are they not?"

MicroPersuasion: Behind the Blogosphere Numbers
"The fact that the media keep debating these numbers and citing blogs shows they are important."

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/25/05

Shel Holtz: NPR covers employee blogging
"So far, I haven’t heard much new, but hearing people talk about the issues provides a somewhat different perspective than reading about it."

CyberJournalist: Crosbie: Unmoderated online discussions naturally degrade
"Consultant Vin Crosbie says what happened at VenturaCountyStar.com, which had to disable comments on stories because they became abusive, wasn't surprising..."

LostRemote: NBC to launch podcasts later this month
"Now NBC News announced it will offer hourly podcast updates later this month."

MicroPersuasion: Blogs are Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary
"Consumer generated media will become part of the fabric of the entire media landscape."

Online Journalism Review: Future of magazines: Net could empower readers
"While the "print is dead" meme has been hashed out countless times in the media world since the advent of the Net, few experts would predict that print magazines will become dinosaurs anytime soon."

Online Marketing Blog: Does your business really need a blog?
"The back and forth between blog pundits and critics reminds me of all the noise people used to make in the mid nineties about web sites. There were as many critics on the need for a web site then as there are about blogs now."

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

New Blogs and Podcasts

  • PR. Differently has a new URL. Update bookmarks.
  • BusinessWeek has launched a new podcast.
  • The Chicago Tribune has assimilated the ONSQUARED blog.
  • ABCNews offers podcasts of a bunch of their programming and more.

Stories of the Day: 5/24/05 - Part 2

Told you.

BusinessWeek: His Mission: Simplify Podcasting
"Enter Evan Williams. He's the pioneer who started the blog-hosting site Blogger that helped to kick-start the Web-logging movement."

Matt McAlister (via MicroPersuasion): What is the future for Web sites in a world of RSS?
"Just as the Web ultimately created more opportunity rather than less, RSS will open up some new doors for the media business."

MicroPersuasion: Pepsi Exec Faces a Challenge from Bloggers
"Kudos to Pepsi for listening and reacting appropriately and quickly."

Stories of the Day: 5/24/05

Slow day today. May be back with a Round Two later if things come up.

WebProNews: White Paper -- The Corporate Blogosphere
"Management communications, business best practices, technology best practices and internal customer support are examples of what internal blogging could be used for."

Corporate Engagement: US PR on the upswing

Monday, May 23, 2005

MediaPost comments on shoddy blog date

The main problem with this commentary by George Simpson is that it relies on the Pew survey showing blogs had no real influence in the 2004 presidential election. The incredibly low number of blogs used in the survey has already been picked apart. In addition to that, some of the "blogs" used in the survey reportedly weren't blogs, but newspapers and forums.

Simpson needs to be checking a few of the blogs he seems to dismiss off-hand before commenting on such shoddy results. Also, everyone who relies on Pew numbers at this point after their podcast report was torn apart so vehemently needs to recheck their sources. That survey said a third of people who own an MP3 player had listened to podcasts. It was then revealed that when they said "podcast" they also meant streaming audio on the web, which is not the same thing.

Stories of the Day: 5/23/05

Blog Business World: Whole business marketing: Reinvention of the process
"Little if any consideration is given to the front line people carrying out these wonderful plans."

Newsweek: The Future of Television (by Conan O'Brien)
"Super-TiVos will arrange marriages between like-minded viewers and will persuade mismatched couples to throw in the towel and start seeing other people."

Lost Remote: ABCNews.com to launch a podcast
"The network will be the first major news media organization to offer a podcast."

MicroPersuasion: Google May Turn Home Page Into RSS Reader

MicroPersuasion: Clips vs. Bits
"Young PR jedi knight Blake Barbera is asking what agency clients prefer - a print hit or a blog hit? It's a darn tootin' good question."

Nevon: A business model for podcasting
"And it doesn't really matter if you have 10 listeners or 1,000 - the barriers to entry are so low that it's feasible to do no matter how many or how few listeners you have."

New York Times (via NewMediaMusings): Believe It: The Media's Credibility Headache Gets Worse
"Almost like clockwork, each new month seems to usher in a new controversy over journalistic competence or integrity"

PodcastingNews: BBC Says Podcasting Could be a Revolution
"According to technology analyst Bill Thompson, 'It is easy to claim the revolution is just around the corner, but there might just be something in podcasting.'"

View From the Isle: Interesting take on the value proposition of the professional blogger
"A ProBlogger, though, will make sure that you have new content each and every week."

Friday, May 20, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/20/05

Beyond PR: Hill & Knowlton releases blogging guidelines
"In connection with any blogging, please be mindful of the following:"

Blog Business World: Bloggers as event speakers
"Bloggers have a powerful inner knowledge of the workings of blogs. That is only logical. What we bloggers often tend to forget is not everyone knows as much about blogs and blogging as we do."

The Blog Herald: Microsoft experimenting with DIY blogging
"Microsoft has released an updated suite of tools for hosting providers that provides a Microsoft approved blogging platform."

The Blog Herald: Its time to boycott Pew Internet
"What I won’t accept is that any sort of serious findings can be made by only looking at 40 blogs."

RSS Weblog: Steve Ballmer Q&A: RSS not huge, but important Next MS office to have blogging tools
"We believe RSS is important and will be around for a while but it is not going to change the world."

Lost Remote: Google moves to challenge web portals
"Google is launching a new personalization feature called "Fusion" that allows users to customize their Google home page."

View From the Isle: Finally people are getting the power of RSS
"Here's the gist, large companies are finally realizing that RSS isn't blogs and blogs aren't RSS."

Wet Feet PR: Print hit vs. Blog hit
"I have been struggling to find the ‘right’ answer to this question because there are different circumstances for each hit, but I believe a client would prefer a print hit to a blog hit, basically because of the control issues of blog coverage."

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/19/05

OK, so this is turning out to be "Stories of the Every Other Day" but I'm trying.


Shel Holtz: The CEO's job
"Imagine a CEO who rejected the telephone as a means of talking with investors just because it was new and different!"

Shel Holtz: Internal uses of blogs
"As is always the case, this new medium will be additive. The best companies will apply them where they improve communication."

AdFreak: Jeff Zucker vs. a full-page CBS ad
"CBS got some added value with its full-page ad in Monday’s business section of The New York Times—at NBC’s expense."

Adrants: RSS For Mobile Phones Introduced
"Further insuring the cell phone's position is the center of the universe, FreeRange Communications today introduced FreeNews, an RSS news and weblog reader for mobile devices, phones and PDAs."

Andrew Lark: Pitching Bloggers...
"My simple rule is don't waste your time unless it is carefully tailored to what we write about and you genuinely think we might be interested."

The Blog Herald: Bloglines to launch new blog search engine
"...Bloglines will lead users to the relevant blogs, and then help them organize all the feeds pouring onto their desktop and has a go at the existing sites..."

The Blog Herald: Google News takes in more blogs
"...either Google has lost the plot or its playing favourites with blogs and bloggers..."

WebProNews: Blog Coaching - A Holistic Approach
"Blogs are one solution for some businesses - they are definitely suitable for many businesses needs - however I try to encourage potential clients to really identify their current needs and goals before making any sort of recommendation."

WebProNews: The Wiki Backlash
"Any medium-whether it's a traditional channel like print or a new one like blogs and wikis-is a tool, a tactic."

Corporate Engagement: Rosen doesn't understand public relations
"Sure PR suffers from its share of unethical practitioners but so does every occupation, and its stupid to characterise us all on the basis of the crimes of the worst performers."

MarketingVox: WSJ.com to Give Away Content to Bloggers
"The move has generated momentum, and now WSJ will be trying a targeted approach, by offering specific content areas to bloggers who are interested in various categories of content."

Media Insider: Highlights from PR Newswire/Chicago Headline Club Media Education Series
Just read the whole thing.

Media Relations Blog: Subliminal Advertising
"If ever there was an example of subliminal advertising, this is it."

MicroPersuasion: In Bloggers We Trust
"People now put the same degree of trust in me (and other reputable bloggers) that they might normally only reserve for analysts and journalists."

Nevon: RSS as the self-contained information experience
"RSS aggregation means that you capture content from a wide range of different online resources (blogs or traditional websites) into your preferred RSS reader which, in effect, becomes your web browser and your single view on that aggregated information."

NewMediaMusings: Roundup of Syndicate conference
"..there are other interesting things happening here at IDG's Syndicate conference that are worth highlighting.."

NewMediaMusings: Blogosphere blows a gasket over the NY Times
"At Projo, Sheila Lennon has a good roundup of the blogosphere blowing a fuse over the New York Times' decision to put its columnists behind a pay firewall come September."

GapingVoid: Why Corporate Blogging Works
"The other day somebody asked me to explain why corporate blogging works. So I drew the diagram above."

PR Communications: Crisis Communications and Story Package Websites
"To respond quickly to a developing story opportunity or a crisis communication incident, first you have to know the event is happening, second you have to have the resources and plans in place to be able to respond to those incidents."

PR Opinions: 2005 PR Opinions Survey Results Released
"The second annual PR Opinions survey report is now live."

Adam Curry: oracle is podcasting
Title says it all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Stories Of The Day 5/17/05

The Blog Herald: Blogs Political Influence Questioned: guess how big the Pew sample was?
"No, not 10,000….1,000 wouldn’t be close either. 100? close but not cigar."

KDPaine: This is not the end, its the beginning
"Measurement is about to get a lot more accurate. And despite On The Media's "End of the world as we know it" advanced blurbs for their show on the topic, I would argue that "It's not the end, its the beginning" to quote a line from Pat Donohue's song."

Media Relations Blog: What Happened to..."The Customer Is Always Right"?
"Many companies use their excellent customer service as a unique selling point. However, I am personally finding that the statement "the customer is always right" is quickly becoming extinct."

MicroPersuasion: Rush Limbaugh to Podcast
"Subscribers to Rush Limbaugh’s “Rush 24/7” service will soon be able to download his daily shows to a portable MP3 player."

Online Marketing Blog: MSN revives RSS aggregator and bookmarking tools
"The urls have been dead for a while but are now back online."

Online Public Relations Thoughts: PR Problem
"Before we get too excited and go on about the wonders of blogs, we should remember that every medium has two sides -- one for good and one for ill. Both develop at roughly the same pace."

PaidContent: Tribune Brings Free Classifieds to 12 Markets
"Tribune last week expanded its Los Angeles-based free classifieds provider Recycler.com into six cities where it owns local TV stations."

MicroPersuasion: Newspapers as Conversation
Click for the whole story.

New Blogs

By the way, you're welcome Steve.

MarketingSherpa Misses the point on RSS

First off, let me state I'm a big fan of MarketingSherpa so no offence is intended toward the work they do. That being said, their latest report on RSS is all wrong.

One of the reasons they state for companies not to embrace RSS as a communications tool is it's lack of market penetration. They state 91% of Americans use email vs. 4% (or so) that use RSS. Fair point. Remember 1991? How many people had even heard of email? I myself didn't fully embrace email until about 1997 and then only grudgingly. Seemed clunky, I couldn't make it look like I wanted it to and it was slow. It wasn't until I started working full time and literally had to communicate via email that I finally got into a groove with it. Like every other communications tool in the history of the world there is an adoption curve to RSS that will have one of two possible outcomes: Mass adoption or abandonment in the face of a better alternative.

They say that a number of those people who do have RSS feeds coming into an aggregator don't check their feeds daily, whereas email is checked regularly. Fair point. My rebuttal to this is the same as the above point on market penetration.

I'm not going to rebut the entire report point by point. Suffice it to say that I don't believe it's immensly important to track the number of subscribers to an RSS feed. Where's the value in that? What I do think is important is that trackback technology be available on whatever feed is available. That way when a corporate announcement is published the publisher will be able to see, easily and quickly, where that message has been picked up and commented on. That's the important measurement since that is going to play into brand and reputation management.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/16/05

Adam Curry: Forrester report on podcasting
"Forrester Research Defines The Future Of Digital Audio."

Andrew Lark: International Blogging Machines...
"One of the key things I advise companies to consider as they look at blogging is how their company's behavioral norms will manifest themselves in the blogosphere."

Blog Business World: Blogs:Theme relevant content and links
"Blogs are becoming an important component in many business owners’ toolboxes for marketing, public relations, and search engine optimization."

BlogHerald: Winer and Curry fall out
"It appears that Winer has taken deep offence to an interview Curry gave to Wired in which he took much of the credit for the creation of Podcasting."

WebProNews: Getting More From Your RSS Feed
"If you want to read what 20 different bloggers or websites write about, you could go and visit each of those blogs or websites. So that's 20 different places to visit. Or, you could sign up to get each of these RSS feeds and automatically receive what they write, every time they publish something, in your RSS reader."

WebProNews: No RSS Feed? It's a Genetic Marker For "Lame Site"
"So, marketers, if you are being compensated for building lame sites, keep on building sites without RSS feeds."

Corporate Engagement: General Electric uses podcasting for results announcement
"GE is another company to add podcasting to its pr mix."

Crossroad Dispatches: Align This: Reversing the Company-Centric Blog Trend
"Call me jaded, but mostly it's the Internal Conversation trying damn hard to influence (ahem, "align") the External Conversation that I'm witnessing in business blogs."

LostRemote: 'Today Show' launches a blog
"Now MSNBC.com has launched a Today Show blog called "Your Window on Our World" with posts from Matt Lauer and Al Roker."

MicroPersuasion: Circuit City Blogs E3
"Unfortunately, it's not a true blog because it lacks certain structures."

Washington Post (Via MicroPersuasion): Feed Simple
"After discovering that the little orange buttons labeled with the cryptic message "XML" wouldn't provide a one-click solution, I realized I couldn't surf through this without reading the instructions."

Nevon: Play Blogpoly
You just have to check this out.

PaidContent: How Not To Program A Radio Station With Podcasting
"Infinity station KYOU in San Francisco launched its podcast format at 6 a.m. today with 445 shows in the bank and a proces that almost dares people to listen."

MarketingVox: Pew: Blogs Weren't as Influential as Some Supposed
"A new Pew study done together with BuzzMetrics failed to find inordinate agenda influence by bloggers in the 2004 presidential campaign."

Friday, May 13, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/13/05

Wired: Put Smut in Its Place
"(Reavill) objects strenuously to having smut flung in our faces when we're not looking for it, not consenting to it or not old enough to understand it."

WebProNews: Let the Blog Bashing Begin
"OK, so all eMarketer really did here is regurgitate a lot of existing numbers that are already out there and confirm that there is a lot of fear in corporate America. Wow, what insight."

WebProNews: Podcasting: Adding the human and informal touch
"So what, exactly, is it, and what's its relevance to organizational communication?"

TheMediaDrop: WSJ adds RSS for free content
"The Wall Street Journal announced today that an RSS feed for 30 days worth of their free content was now available."

AdRants: Durex Condoms Makes Podcast Buy
"The deal with the PodcastAlley number 2 ranked podcast involves "unscripted X-rated banter" as reported by Ad Age."

Center For Media Research: Online Broadcast, Television and Radio Sites, Ads and Technology

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Stories of the Day 5/12/05

WebProNews: GM Blog Continues To Push The Envelope
"Yet another example of how GM is really pushing the envelope with this blog. It confirms my view that GM is indeed the poster child for corporate blogging."

WebProNews: Blog Talk: Conversation Does NOT Need Comments
"My point is that the basis of conversation is linking. Links are the primary tool for us to talk."

WebProNews: Wikipedia Is The Second Most Popular Reference Site
Title says it all.

WebProNews: Corporate Blogs -- Instrument For Conversation Alignment
"If there's anything missing it is the fact that there are other types of corporate blogs that works as well, blogs that not are primarily written to strengthen or "align" conversations."

CyberJournalist: Online newspaper readership rising
"The data, which takes into account both home and work Internet usage, shows a 3.1 percent increase in unique audience in March to Newspaper Web sites, compared with the same period a year ago."

Creating Passionate Users: They Want to Believe
"If users want to believe in something more... something bigger, what are you doing to support that?"

MediaPost: 'NewsHour' Makes News, Licenses TV Clips For Online Video Search
"...a major producer of public TV news programming has agreed to license its clips for use on an emerging online video search platform."

MarketingVox: imc2 Rushes into RSS with Dispatch
"The agency is apparently betting that consumers will broadly adopt RSS as an alternative to email subscriptions, and marketers will therefore use the technology to reach them."

MediaDrop: The Deal's new Tech Confidential
" It's a bi-monthly publication, and will feature tech-specific content, Deal-style."

NewMediaMusings: The ins and outs of podcasting
"There's a brief mention in the article about the $500 in annual licensing fees paid to ASCAP and BMI by podcasters who play music on their shows. "

NewMediaMusings: Bloggers as 'TV ass clowns'
"See Why Blogs Make Bad TV."

PR Opinions: Hell hath no fury like a PR agency scorned....
"My advice to everyone is to think long and hard about what you are trying to achieve with Public Relations."

PR Machine: PR & Mass-Media's Meltdown
"Should PR folks listen to what the Podhoretz says and change the way they are approaching the media?"

LostRemote: Paris disses bloggers, reporters
"I don't like people who sit on computers all day long and write about people they don't know anything about."

LostRemote: 50 years old? You're too old for TV
"For TV marketers, the 18-49 demographic is all that matters."

AdRants: LA Times Website Redesigns, Still No RSS
"Granted, everyone doesn't consume media through an RSS reader but the ones that do are the ones that can dramatically influence traffic, hence, salable page views for the paper."

Center For Media Research: Online Ad Budgets Stolen from Traditional
"According to a new five-year forecast from Forrester Research, online marketing and advertising will represent 8 percent of total advertising spending in 2010, rivaling ad spending on cable/satellite TV and radio."

Jupiter: One Third of Online Young Adults Prefer Internet for News
"Currently, over 26% of online adults prefer the Internet for national and international news, compared to 19% in 2001."

Monday, May 09, 2005

Stories of the Day 5/9/05

MediaPost: Google Launches Blogs on the Go
"GOOGLE FRIDAY ANNOUNCED A NEW feature that enables people to use their cell phones to blog."

Related: Read the official announcement here.

MediaPost: BusinessWeek To Launch Media Column
"Jon Fine has joined McGraw-Hill's BusinessWeek magazine where he will write a weekly column about media."

New York Times: A Blog Revolution? Get a Grip
"A blog, (Nick Denton) says, is much better at tearing things down - people, careers, brands - than it is at building them up."

WebProNews: 64% of Marketers are Interested in Advertising on Blogs
"Buczaczer expects a handful of blogs will develop an audience large enough to secure more substantial ad dollars this year. A wave of companies will also start blogs to create more immediate links to consumers in the near term, he said. "

CyberJournalist: Spokesman-Review's 'Transparent Newsroom' blog and Webcast
"The point of the blog is to help involve readers in the daily editorial decision making process."

Blogaholics: Blogaholics- Which side of the divide are you on?
"I think a new (digital) divide has opened up, one that is based far more on choice than on circumstance."

Friday, May 06, 2005

New Blogs and Podcasts

  • BusinessWeek has announced they're going to get into the podcasting game soon.
  • Likewise, Forbes has launched their first podcast.
  • PR professional Ken Kerrigan has started blogging his experiences.
  • Peter Himler (unfortunate last name but, according to his bio, a great person to sit next to on the airplane) now blogs.
  • Lubetkin & Co managing partner Steve Lubetkin has picked up the blogging bug.
  • Who is writing the new analyst relations blog ARmegeddon?

Stories of the Day: 5/6/05

Been a while so this is going to be a long one.

MediaPost: Factiva Adds RSS Feeds
"The service, called "Enterprise RSS," is available through NewsGator's RSS product, and will be made available to Factiva subscribers on May 19."

Forbes: Podcasting: Making Waves
"Just when we grasped what blogging was all about, along came podcasting, which in some ways is even more disruptive and exciting than blogging."

WebProNews: Blogs Now Part of the Marketing Strategy
"And to truly connect to the important influencers you have to open up. For real. "

WebProNews: Blog Talk: News Embargoes Are More Important Than Ever
"...exclusives and embargoes are even more valuable currency nowadays. That's because of the competitive pressures journalists are feeling from the blogopshere."

WebProNews: Content Blogs Versus Syndicate Blogs?
"It is a good question that is well worth thinking through for each of your blogs."

PaidContent: More Reg Woes For NY Post
"The NY Daily News reports that rival NY Post reversed efforts to collect "a mother lode of highly personal information, including name, age, home address, home telephone number and even income""

MarketingVox: Study: Email Should Target Consumer Behavior
"Jupiter's "Promotional Email: Driving Sales Through Behavioral Targeting" suggests that factors such as pages viewed, time spent per page, and shopping cart abandonment be used."

Rocky Mountain News (Via NewMediaMusings): Journalism exists in the message, not the medium
"You'd think journalists would recognize journalism no matter who is doing it and in what media, but that's by no means a universal reaction."

Nevon: Integrating blogs with PR and marketing
"And there you have the key - the blogs form an integral part of an overall communication strategy."

Andrew Lark: What Is The Blogosphere?
"Steve Rubel and I have never met in person but we exchange views via our blogs and trackbacks. "

Online Marketing Blog: Business Blog Marketing
"Not only are small businesses considering blogs in their marketing strategy, but BtoB publishers are pondering it over at American Business Media's Spring Meeting."

BtoB: As digital dollars grow, b-to-b publishers debate impact of blogs
"The "blogosphere" throws all sorts of old patterns into disarray..."

The Blog Herald: Is RSS advertising for you?
"RSS advertising, particularly if done wrong has the ability to stifle RSS use. However, the provision of full RSS feeds does not make economic sense by those seeking to make a living from the creation of content."

AdJab: CastFire launches advertising platform for podcasts
"It was only a matter of time before someone tried to grab hold of the advertising possibilities therein."

NPR: When Those Pesky Blogs Undermine NPR News
"...the blogosphere has proven once again to be an amoral place with few rules. The consequences for misbehavior are still vague. The possibility of civic responsibility remains remote."

Related: Jeff Jarvis says, "NPR screwed up but when that's discovered it's the bloggers who are amoral?"

Monday, May 02, 2005

Stories of the Day: 5/2/05

Contentious: Journalism’s Blind Spot
"As a journalist with many MSM colleagues and connections, and as a blogger, it seems to me that many MSM professionals have an odd blind spot when it comes to blogs."

PaidContent: NYT: Curry Brings Podcasting To Sirius
"Curry will draw material for "Adam Curry's PodShow" from other podcasters; the show will air on "Talk Central" and will include advertising."

The Media Drop: Chicago Tribune makes entertainment a priority
"The Chicago Tribune is looking to keep its readers "in the know" about lifestyle and entertainment events with new sections appearing Thursday and Friday along with a daily Metromix Planner feature. "

Corporate Engagement: The decline of newspapers
"There is much being written at the moment about the decline of newspaper readership, particularly since the emergence of blogs as a legitimate force in reporting, shaping public opinion and affecting outcomes."

Boston Globe (via LostRemote): Online ads moving beyond pop-ups
"Consumers are spending more time on the Internet -- hours that tend to be stolen from television -- and they're increasingly connected at high speed. "

LostRemote: Drudge: MSNBC to become 'NBC News Channel'
"How important is it for an on-air brand to match its off-air counterpart?"

MicroPersuasion: Disneyland is Podcasting

AFP (via Micropersuasion): Traditional media eagerly eying blogs to boost revenues, profile
"With daily newspaper circulation in decline, the highly critical and at-times irreverent world of the personal online journal with its potential to attract millions of readers is looking more and more attractive."

Online Marketing Blog: Internet news readership grows at expense of TV, print
"There's a huge opportunity within News Search. In my experience most public relations firms are not incorporating Internet News Search into their clients PR and media relations programs."

AdJab: Magazines, newspapers want to stay ad-relevant
"The basic idea behind these efforts is to promote those media as viable opportunities for companies who are beginning to put more and more dollars into online-only ventures."

BtoB: Thinking out loud about blogs
"But will blogs-or Web logs, for the uninitiated-fundamentally, radically change business communications?"