Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Stories of the Day II: 4/27/05

Wired: Podcasting Killed The Radio Star
"Infinity plans to convert San Francisco's 1550 KYCY, an AM station, to listener-submitted content. The station, previously devoted to a talk-radio format, will be renamed KYOURadio."

Hollywood Reporter: TBS set to play with GameTap subscription package
"Turner's lifeblood is creating branded networks, and we are excited about the opportunity to create an immersive environment for games..."

Media Relations: Managing Client Expectations
"In order to avoid circumstances in which the client demands more than your contract states, be sure to clearly outline roles, strategies, tactics and objectives at the beginning of the relationship before initiating the program."

AdJab: What's next for viral marketing?
"(Has viral marketing) crossed some invisible boundary, lumping it, effectively, with the other forms of advertising and marketing previously established(?)"