Friday, April 29, 2005

Stories of the Day: 4/29/05

MediaPost: Internet Ad Spending Soars To $9.6 Billion
"'It's all very good news," said Greg Stuart, president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. "In the past, growth was led by search and classified," he said."

MediaPost: Yahoo! News Director Foresees Friendly Coexistence With Media Companies
"'...the relationship between publisher, advertiser, and reader will never be the same.'"

"P&G is using Secret Sparkle Body Spray and its range of teeny-bopper-oriented scents to lure entry-level consumers for the segment-leading women’s deodorant."

WebProNews: Will Paris' Podcast Have Character?
"Yet as the podcast's protagonist is a real person, ie, Paris (according to the blurb on the site), it can't be a character. But if the real person is playing the role of the character, maybe it could. "

Related: I listened to it so you don't have to. See my Movie Marketing Madness review here.

OJR: Time for a change: The Associated Press as Napsterized news
"The Associated Press is planting the seeds of its own demise."

PaidContent: Earnings: Losses Narrow; Plans Opening Up Site
"CEO Thomas Clarke said in conference call that the company's planning to open up more content, to capitalize on advertising upturn."

Corporate Engagement: A word on word of mouth
"It has been estimated that consumers are bombarded by no less than 4,000 separate messages a day, and cutting through this data haze has become marketers’ biggest challenge."

Fast Company (via Nevon): Blog Meets Pod
"Now radio is falling into the crosshairs of a potent nascent technology: "podcasting." "

Business 2.0 (via Micro Persuasion): Can Blogging Ever Become Big Business?
"At the moment, blogging is a small business enterprise, not a speculative venture."

Blog Business World: Business blogs: Business growth made fun and easy
"There are so many benefits to be gained from a business blog, that having one as part of a website, will soon be standard operating procedure."

Blog Herald: MSNBC jumps on the Blogs are bad for kiddies bandwagon
"The luddites behind the blogs are bad campaign starting to emerge in middle America have managed to enlist the services of MSNBC with a new article targeting blogs titled “Kids, blogs and too much information“."

Corante: BrandShift Brand Death
"What happens to a brand when the underlying business model goes away?"

Corante: Many-to-Many Infoworld goes tagalicious
"A high-traffic site that lives and dies by content is trusting the looser bonds of tagging."

PR Meets the WWW: Notes and audio from Les Blogs
"I just uploaded a bunch of links to notes and audio recordings from Les Blogs."