Thursday, April 28, 2005

Stories of the Day: 4/28/05

Cinematical: Weblogs Inc Becomes First Publisher To Run Google AdSense in RSS
"Weblogs, Inc, the network that Cinematical is a part of, has become the first publisher to insert Google AdSense into our RSS feeds."

Related - Dave Winer takes issue with Google's move into the RSS sandbox.

Wired: Ads That Know What You Want
"...advertisers are betting you're far more likely to click on the car dealer's ad than a random banner for a dating site or DVD rentals."

WebProNews: How the Most Highly Visited Blogs Earn Money
"Today I was surfing through the top 30 of these blogs and I started to keep track of how many of them have some sort of income stream.."

CyberJournalist: Number of adults who prefer online news over TV and newspapers grows
"The number of online adults who prefer the Internet as their main source of news has grown over 35% in the last four years."

MediaPost: Madison Ave: Google's Branded Advertising Ambitions Likely To Face Resistance From Top Marketers, Publishers
"While the announcement generated a lot of buzz within the industry... advertising executives and other industry observers weren't nearly as optimistic."

OJR: Search engines, startup media sites dream of becoming video hubs
"Grassroots sites and Brightcove and search engines like Singingfish and Google try to bring order to online video chaos -- but big broadcasters are torn between Napsterization and 'The Long Tail.'"

Blog Herald: Frontpage to include blogging tools: insider
"Microsoft is currently developing blogging-related tools to be included in the next version of MS Frontpage.."