Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Stories of the Day: 4/27/05

Moonwatcher (via Venture Chronicles): Adoption: Tracking and Countering Rumors with RSS
"These days, people just post rumors on their blogs, which are then broadcast to the world via RSS. This is a scary thing for marketers."

Internet Retailer: E-Mail Marketing Survey
"The overwhelming majority online merchants--71% to be exact--attribute less than 10% of their retail web sales to the e-mail marketing they do."

WebProNews: Press Releases: Getting Media Coverage
"By being the subject of a news story, your site and business receive an implicit endorsement, that no amount of money spent on advertising can match. "

WebProNews: Stop Defining Blogs
"I'm getting tired of people insisting that blogs are one thing but definitely cannot be another."

WebProNews: Podcasting, A New Fix For Info Junkies
"It's interesting to experience how podcasting and blogs can work hand-in-hand to both inform and entertain..."

PaidContent: Going Registration
Starting May 3rd.

MediaPost: Google Starts Pilot Program to Serve RSS Ads
"...AdSense publishers could expect to see a wider-reaching public beta within the next few weeks."

NPR (via PR Opinions): Freud's Nephew and the Origins of Public Relations
"He took Freud's complex ideas on people's unconscious, psychological motivations and applied them to the new field of public relations."

PR Opinions: Don't use technology just because it's there...
"The widespread adoption of e-mail caused a lot of people to get lazy."

a shel of my former self: RSS keeps on trucking
"DM News, the online news site for direct marketers, reports that RSS lets companies with smaller advertising and marketing budgets get content to targeted audiences that otherwise would be prohibitively expensive."

Nevon: 'Social' goes hand in hand with 'network'
"It isn't so much the photos themselves that's caught my attention, though. What did that is an amazing number - 1,200. That's how many photos there now are in Flickr that are tagged as 'lesblogs.'"