Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Stories of the Day: 4/26/05

WebProNews: PR, Advertising Proves Information Technology's Historical Shortcomings
"If the shoemaker had the option, back in 1855, to start a blog he would have done so. And we would never have invented mass marketing."

WebProNews: Most Abandoned Blogs Probably Freebies
"People who are paying $100+ a year to blog probably have a serious passion. This doesn't make them more truthful or credible. Still, I take these bloggers more seriously because they are putting their money where there mouth is."

PaidContent: FT.com For Sale?
"Vultures are circling as speculation mounts over the future of the prestigious but troubled Financial Times."

MarketingVox: AD:TECH Blog Out of Hibernation
"MarketingVOX and Adrants are again covering AD:TECH with its own blog."

PR Opinions: Defending the PR religion from bozos............
"In a world where consumers are educated on the media, PR starts to get back to what it is actually about: good communication. PR practitioners must begin to realize that the illusion of control is just that, an illusion. The Internet has created an environment where information flows freely."

PR Machine: Darwin Magazine: "Enough With Blogging"
"While BusinessWeek claims blogs will change business. Darwin wants us to stop jabbering about blogs going so far as to say: "Business is like so not interested." "

AdRants: RSS Nascent Medium With Powerful Potential
"The session concentrated of the definition and technologies behind RSS and the ease, according to panelists, with which marketers can very quickly set up and use RSS to distribute opt in information, such as, coupons, specials, special events, news, to customers. "

Micro Persuasion: Getting Started Reading RSS Feeds in Bloglines
"If you're not using an RSS aggregator yet, go read Preetam Rai's tutorial on how to use Bloglines."

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