Monday, April 25, 2005

Stories of the Day: 4/25/05

WebProNews: Relationship Marketing: Business Blogs Are The Key
"Relationship marketing is based on the idea that people prefer to do business with people who they know and like. After all, it's easier to buy from a friend, than from someone you've never heard of before. It's a matter of building trust. "

WebProNews: Why Every Company Should Blog
"Blogging is the best connection tool ever invented."

PaidContent: Billboard Adapts to New Era
"The magazine will now incorporate a more glossy, consumer-oriented sensibility, as well as heavier coverage of digital and brand marketing. "

Paul Conley (via PaidContent): 'Stand Alone' Journalism and the New Trade Press
"Traditional B2B publishers need to be aware of the competitive threat posed by their readers. Thousands of people in the B2B audience already have the tools to launch a competitive product -- expertise, sources and publishing software."

Editor & Publisher: The Article Page: The New Kingpen of Online News?
"The home page -- where Web designers and editors have for so long poured so much of their effort -- is no longer the be-all, end-all. You have to pay serious attention to the home page, of course, but equally important these days is the template used for article pages."

MediaPost: Newsweek To Post New Articles Daily
"IN AN EFFORT TO GENERATE more consistent and sustained weekly traffic levels, today plans to announce editorial and design changes to its site."

Media Relations Blog: The Marriage of PR & Search
"Managed as an integrated package, search enhances PR offerings through tactics such as keyword optimization and a collaboration of print and online marketing. "

NewMediaMusing: Newspaper Bloggers Can Be Trusted
"If you trust your editorial staffers to get it right for your print publication, why can't you trust them to get it right for your website?"

BusinessWeek: Blogs Will Change Your Business
"Ideas circulate as fast as scandal. Potential customers are out there, sniffing around for deals and partners. While you may be putting it off, you can bet that your competitors are exploring ways to harvest new ideas from blogs, sprinkle ads into them, and yes, find out what you and other competitors are up to."

Washington Post (via LostRemote): Do You Have Blackberry Thumb?
"Orthopedists say they are seeing an increasing number of patients with similar symptoms, a condition known as "overuse syndrome" or "BlackBerry thumb."

Online Public Relations Thoughts: Marketers Vs. Practitioners
"The essay examines a difference in view that causes friction between PR practitioners and marketers." Podcasts: "In a Mirror, Darkly" Commentary Podcast
"STARTREK.COM makes its first foray into podcasting with our exclusive "In a Mirror, Darkly" audio commentary featuring episode writer Mike Sussman and the site's editorial director Tim Gaskill. "