Friday, April 29, 2005

Stories of the Day: 4/29/05

MediaPost: Internet Ad Spending Soars To $9.6 Billion
"'It's all very good news," said Greg Stuart, president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. "In the past, growth was led by search and classified," he said."

MediaPost: Yahoo! News Director Foresees Friendly Coexistence With Media Companies
"'...the relationship between publisher, advertiser, and reader will never be the same.'"

"P&G is using Secret Sparkle Body Spray and its range of teeny-bopper-oriented scents to lure entry-level consumers for the segment-leading women’s deodorant."

WebProNews: Will Paris' Podcast Have Character?
"Yet as the podcast's protagonist is a real person, ie, Paris (according to the blurb on the site), it can't be a character. But if the real person is playing the role of the character, maybe it could. "

Related: I listened to it so you don't have to. See my Movie Marketing Madness review here.

OJR: Time for a change: The Associated Press as Napsterized news
"The Associated Press is planting the seeds of its own demise."

PaidContent: Earnings: Losses Narrow; Plans Opening Up Site
"CEO Thomas Clarke said in conference call that the company's planning to open up more content, to capitalize on advertising upturn."

Corporate Engagement: A word on word of mouth
"It has been estimated that consumers are bombarded by no less than 4,000 separate messages a day, and cutting through this data haze has become marketers’ biggest challenge."

Fast Company (via Nevon): Blog Meets Pod
"Now radio is falling into the crosshairs of a potent nascent technology: "podcasting." "

Business 2.0 (via Micro Persuasion): Can Blogging Ever Become Big Business?
"At the moment, blogging is a small business enterprise, not a speculative venture."

Blog Business World: Business blogs: Business growth made fun and easy
"There are so many benefits to be gained from a business blog, that having one as part of a website, will soon be standard operating procedure."

Blog Herald: MSNBC jumps on the Blogs are bad for kiddies bandwagon
"The luddites behind the blogs are bad campaign starting to emerge in middle America have managed to enlist the services of MSNBC with a new article targeting blogs titled “Kids, blogs and too much information“."

Corante: BrandShift Brand Death
"What happens to a brand when the underlying business model goes away?"

Corante: Many-to-Many Infoworld goes tagalicious
"A high-traffic site that lives and dies by content is trusting the looser bonds of tagging."

PR Meets the WWW: Notes and audio from Les Blogs
"I just uploaded a bunch of links to notes and audio recordings from Les Blogs."

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Stories of the Day: 4/28/05

Cinematical: Weblogs Inc Becomes First Publisher To Run Google AdSense in RSS
"Weblogs, Inc, the network that Cinematical is a part of, has become the first publisher to insert Google AdSense into our RSS feeds."

Related - Dave Winer takes issue with Google's move into the RSS sandbox.

Wired: Ads That Know What You Want
"...advertisers are betting you're far more likely to click on the car dealer's ad than a random banner for a dating site or DVD rentals."

WebProNews: How the Most Highly Visited Blogs Earn Money
"Today I was surfing through the top 30 of these blogs and I started to keep track of how many of them have some sort of income stream.."

CyberJournalist: Number of adults who prefer online news over TV and newspapers grows
"The number of online adults who prefer the Internet as their main source of news has grown over 35% in the last four years."

MediaPost: Madison Ave: Google's Branded Advertising Ambitions Likely To Face Resistance From Top Marketers, Publishers
"While the announcement generated a lot of buzz within the industry... advertising executives and other industry observers weren't nearly as optimistic."

OJR: Search engines, startup media sites dream of becoming video hubs
"Grassroots sites and Brightcove and search engines like Singingfish and Google try to bring order to online video chaos -- but big broadcasters are torn between Napsterization and 'The Long Tail.'"

Blog Herald: Frontpage to include blogging tools: insider
"Microsoft is currently developing blogging-related tools to be included in the next version of MS Frontpage.."

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Stories of the Day II: 4/27/05

Wired: Podcasting Killed The Radio Star
"Infinity plans to convert San Francisco's 1550 KYCY, an AM station, to listener-submitted content. The station, previously devoted to a talk-radio format, will be renamed KYOURadio."

Hollywood Reporter: TBS set to play with GameTap subscription package
"Turner's lifeblood is creating branded networks, and we are excited about the opportunity to create an immersive environment for games..."

Media Relations: Managing Client Expectations
"In order to avoid circumstances in which the client demands more than your contract states, be sure to clearly outline roles, strategies, tactics and objectives at the beginning of the relationship before initiating the program."

AdJab: What's next for viral marketing?
"(Has viral marketing) crossed some invisible boundary, lumping it, effectively, with the other forms of advertising and marketing previously established(?)"

Print, Email or Blog

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this but Sys-Con, publisher of trade pubs like Power Builder Developer's Journal, LinuxWorld Magazine and others, has included a "Blog" link on their stories (click to a story here to see an example). This icon is on the main toolbar at the top of each story next to the now ubiquitous "Print" and "Email" buttons.

Clicking the "Blog" link gives the reader some HTML code they can cut and paste into their own blog that provides the meta-data for that story, including a link to the original, the headline and writer.

It's great to see a publisher not just tacitly but overtly recognize their content is going to get reposted on blogs and give those bloggers such an easy tool.

Stories of the Day: 4/27/05

Moonwatcher (via Venture Chronicles): Adoption: Tracking and Countering Rumors with RSS
"These days, people just post rumors on their blogs, which are then broadcast to the world via RSS. This is a scary thing for marketers."

Internet Retailer: E-Mail Marketing Survey
"The overwhelming majority online merchants--71% to be exact--attribute less than 10% of their retail web sales to the e-mail marketing they do."

WebProNews: Press Releases: Getting Media Coverage
"By being the subject of a news story, your site and business receive an implicit endorsement, that no amount of money spent on advertising can match. "

WebProNews: Stop Defining Blogs
"I'm getting tired of people insisting that blogs are one thing but definitely cannot be another."

WebProNews: Podcasting, A New Fix For Info Junkies
"It's interesting to experience how podcasting and blogs can work hand-in-hand to both inform and entertain..."

PaidContent: Going Registration
Starting May 3rd.

MediaPost: Google Starts Pilot Program to Serve RSS Ads
"...AdSense publishers could expect to see a wider-reaching public beta within the next few weeks."

NPR (via PR Opinions): Freud's Nephew and the Origins of Public Relations
"He took Freud's complex ideas on people's unconscious, psychological motivations and applied them to the new field of public relations."

PR Opinions: Don't use technology just because it's there...
"The widespread adoption of e-mail caused a lot of people to get lazy."

a shel of my former self: RSS keeps on trucking
"DM News, the online news site for direct marketers, reports that RSS lets companies with smaller advertising and marketing budgets get content to targeted audiences that otherwise would be prohibitively expensive."

Nevon: 'Social' goes hand in hand with 'network'
"It isn't so much the photos themselves that's caught my attention, though. What did that is an amazing number - 1,200. That's how many photos there now are in Flickr that are tagged as 'lesblogs.'"

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Stories of the Day: 4/26/05

WebProNews: PR, Advertising Proves Information Technology's Historical Shortcomings
"If the shoemaker had the option, back in 1855, to start a blog he would have done so. And we would never have invented mass marketing."

WebProNews: Most Abandoned Blogs Probably Freebies
"People who are paying $100+ a year to blog probably have a serious passion. This doesn't make them more truthful or credible. Still, I take these bloggers more seriously because they are putting their money where there mouth is."

PaidContent: For Sale?
"Vultures are circling as speculation mounts over the future of the prestigious but troubled Financial Times."

MarketingVox: AD:TECH Blog Out of Hibernation
"MarketingVOX and Adrants are again covering AD:TECH with its own blog."

PR Opinions: Defending the PR religion from bozos............
"In a world where consumers are educated on the media, PR starts to get back to what it is actually about: good communication. PR practitioners must begin to realize that the illusion of control is just that, an illusion. The Internet has created an environment where information flows freely."

PR Machine: Darwin Magazine: "Enough With Blogging"
"While BusinessWeek claims blogs will change business. Darwin wants us to stop jabbering about blogs going so far as to say: "Business is like so not interested." "

AdRants: RSS Nascent Medium With Powerful Potential
"The session concentrated of the definition and technologies behind RSS and the ease, according to panelists, with which marketers can very quickly set up and use RSS to distribute opt in information, such as, coupons, specials, special events, news, to customers. "

Micro Persuasion: Getting Started Reading RSS Feeds in Bloglines
"If you're not using an RSS aggregator yet, go read Preetam Rai's tutorial on how to use Bloglines."

For Immediate Release: Podcast #27

Monday, April 25, 2005

Stories of the Day: 4/25/05

WebProNews: Relationship Marketing: Business Blogs Are The Key
"Relationship marketing is based on the idea that people prefer to do business with people who they know and like. After all, it's easier to buy from a friend, than from someone you've never heard of before. It's a matter of building trust. "

WebProNews: Why Every Company Should Blog
"Blogging is the best connection tool ever invented."

PaidContent: Billboard Adapts to New Era
"The magazine will now incorporate a more glossy, consumer-oriented sensibility, as well as heavier coverage of digital and brand marketing. "

Paul Conley (via PaidContent): 'Stand Alone' Journalism and the New Trade Press
"Traditional B2B publishers need to be aware of the competitive threat posed by their readers. Thousands of people in the B2B audience already have the tools to launch a competitive product -- expertise, sources and publishing software."

Editor & Publisher: The Article Page: The New Kingpen of Online News?
"The home page -- where Web designers and editors have for so long poured so much of their effort -- is no longer the be-all, end-all. You have to pay serious attention to the home page, of course, but equally important these days is the template used for article pages."

MediaPost: Newsweek To Post New Articles Daily
"IN AN EFFORT TO GENERATE more consistent and sustained weekly traffic levels, today plans to announce editorial and design changes to its site."

Media Relations Blog: The Marriage of PR & Search
"Managed as an integrated package, search enhances PR offerings through tactics such as keyword optimization and a collaboration of print and online marketing. "

NewMediaMusing: Newspaper Bloggers Can Be Trusted
"If you trust your editorial staffers to get it right for your print publication, why can't you trust them to get it right for your website?"

BusinessWeek: Blogs Will Change Your Business
"Ideas circulate as fast as scandal. Potential customers are out there, sniffing around for deals and partners. While you may be putting it off, you can bet that your competitors are exploring ways to harvest new ideas from blogs, sprinkle ads into them, and yes, find out what you and other competitors are up to."

Washington Post (via LostRemote): Do You Have Blackberry Thumb?
"Orthopedists say they are seeing an increasing number of patients with similar symptoms, a condition known as "overuse syndrome" or "BlackBerry thumb."

Online Public Relations Thoughts: Marketers Vs. Practitioners
"The essay examines a difference in view that causes friction between PR practitioners and marketers." Podcasts: "In a Mirror, Darkly" Commentary Podcast
"STARTREK.COM makes its first foray into podcasting with our exclusive "In a Mirror, Darkly" audio commentary featuring episode writer Mike Sussman and the site's editorial director Tim Gaskill. "